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Children's Awareness and Escape Workshop

Children's Awareness and Escape Workshop

This two hour educational experience helps teach children  realistic self defense and crucial life skills so that they can become safer and more confident in all aspects of their lives.

Our goal for this class is for the students to gain awareness and realize predatory behavior in order to avoid it using common sense strategies.

This course is a creative, thoughtful, and custom designed so that students can see their progress and be proud of their accomplishments.

Through this training, the American Self Defense Instructors will educate your child about the importance of:

  • Learning personal safety

  • Making their bodies powerful

  • Enriching their minds

  • Setting personal boundaries

  • Verbalization skills

  • Noticing and reporting potential threats to an authority figure (parent, teacher, police officer, etc.)

  • What to do when they see a firearm

We are proud to offer this course to help the children in our community!

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