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Active Shooter Preparedness

Active Shooter Preparedness

In this class you will learn the skills needed to not only save yourself, but to save those around you, should a worst case scenario happen!

This class was designed and is taught by a variety of instructors with first responder, military, and law enforcement backgrounds.

You will walk away with a heightened sense of awareness to your surroundings and to your ability to help stop a violent threat either to yourself and to those in your care. 

Topics Covered:

- Situational Awareness 

- Firearms Fundamentals

- Combatives Fundamentals

- Eliminating the Threat

- Shooter Takedown

- Situational: Force on Force Drills

- First Aid: Caring for the Wounded

- Legal

- Putting your training into action and implementing new policies in your school or workplace.

School Staff Discounts available.

Group Discounts available. 

We can come to your school or place of business and provide this hands on training.  

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