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Firearms Training

Upcoming Courses

Beginner - Intro to Handgun

For those new to firearms, firearm safety, or just new to handguns, you need to take our 3-hour "Introduction to Handgun" course before taking our 16-hour Concealed Carry Class.   This class will give you a chance to gain familiarity with different types and brands of pistols to help you better choose the right one for your needs.  If you already own a pistol this class will help you gain a better understanding of its operation before taking the IL. CCL Class or other advanced firearm courses.

You will learn about:  

   - Different Types of Pistols

   - Which Type is Best for You & Why

   - Types of Accessories Needed / Recommended

   - Safe Gun Handling

   - Proper Shooting Stance

   - Proper Grip & Site Alignment

   - Simulated Shooting Practice with SIRT Lazer training Pistols

Equipment Needed for Class: None

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes


This is the State of Illinois REQUIRED 16 hour course that must be completed before applying for your Concealed Carry License.   Only 8 hours required for military, L.E.O, & I.D.O.C.  

*** If you are a veteran you are only required to complete 8 hours on the final day.  However, we always recommend & invite all veterans to complete the entire 16 hours for the extra training!  (There is no extra charge for this and we can all use more training!)***

Concealed Pistol Skills Enhancement Workshop

This 4 hour course is hands on, small group instruction focusing on the nuances of effectively accessing and using a concealed pistol for personal protection. We will go in-depth on how to control recoil as well as draw and shoot from very close range out to longer distances. If you plan on carrying a gun for self defense, you NEED this course.

Advanced Pistol Accuracy Workshop

In this 4 hour course, we'll get in-depth with improving your marksmanship. The finer points of skillful trigger manipulation (the most frequent cause of a miss), mastering sight picture and alignment, and really understanding follow through will be honed and refined in this small group workshop.

Tactical Carbine Course

This class covers all the basic and intermediate skills required to competently operate a carbine. This class is suitable for a wide range of students from those with rudimentary experience to those seeking to improve and refine their existing carbine skills.

Different skill drills including dry firing and bulls-eye shooting are introduced. Timed fire drills and evaluations are based on class skill level. You will complete this class owning a professional level of knowledge and abilities with your chosen weapon system.

A red dot or 1X optic is recommended in order to get the most out of your carbine during this course, but Iron sights are perfectly acceptable.

Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal Class

This is the 4 hour renewal class mandated by the state of Illinois.

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