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Unarmed Combatives

This five week course will give the student the mental and physical skills necessary to prevail in a multitude of potentially violent, real world scenarios. Our emphasis is on having a solid, simple, time-tested plan in place which will be ingrained into the students throughout this curriculum.

Blade Training

A knife is one of the most useful tools we carry, and can also serve as a formidable weapon. In this course you'll learn simple blade skills and techniques for your personal defense plan. Whether you're using it as an augmentation to your firearm or as a stand alone option, this training will increase your survivability when push comes to shove.

Combative Handgun

This course bridges the gap left wide open in most shooting schools. This curriculum will teach you how to FIGHT to and with your handgun in potentially life-threatening situations against non-compliant aggressors. If you want to be more effective with your handgun against real assailants, you need this training!

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