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Concealed Pistol Skills Enhancement Workshop

Concealed Pistol Skills Enhancement Workshop


MARCH 16 2019, 1-5pm


This class is designed to help build the knowledge and skills necessary to

ensure success at taking the Illinois CCL class. It is also HIGHLY recommended as follow on

training after completing your initial CCL course. In this class, you will gain a higher level

of proficiency through learning an in-depth understanding of drawing from concealment,

proper grip and stance, marksmanship fundamentals, and safe re-holstering methods.


These techniques will be worked into motor familiarity via numerous drills. By the end of

this training, you will be more comfortable and competent with your ability to carry and

use a concealed firearm.


Required equipment:

Hearing/eye protection


100 rounds of ammunition


  • Course Time and Location

    Time & Location

    Mar 16, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

    Bogarts Banquet Hall, 2148 East State Street Jacksonville Illinois, USA

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