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copy of IL. Concealed Carry Class

copy of IL. Concealed Carry Class

This is the State of Illinois REQUIRED 16 hour course that must be completed before applying for your Conceal Carry License. Only 8 hours required for military, L.E.O, and I.D.O.C.


(You will still need to pay the I.S.P. the 5 year license fee of $150 directly to the State. We can help with this! Our partners at A Plus Fingerprinting will happily assist you with your application. You can reach them at 217-245-8203.)



-Pistol with 100 Rounds of Ammo

-2-3 extra magazines or speed loaders if shooting a revolver

-Eye & Ear Protection

-Pen & Paper

-FOID Card


Optional Equipment: 

-Quality Holster

-Drink & Snacks


Cost: 16 hours - $185 pre-paid

8 hours - $125 pre-paid


SPECIAL: Invite a friend(s) and you will receive $10 off everyone's class fees in your party!

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