IL. Concealed Carry Class

IL. Concealed Carry Class

This is the State of Illinois REQUIRED 16 hour course that must be completed before applying for your Conceal Carry License. Only 8 hours required for military, L.E.O, and I.D.O.C.


(You will still need to pay the I.S.P. the 5 year license fee of $150 directly to the State. We can help with this! Our partners at A Plus Fingerprinting will happily assist you with your application. You can reach them at 217-245-8203.)



-Pistol with 100 Rounds of Ammo

-2-3 extra magazines or speed loaders if shooting a revolver

-Eye & Ear Protection

-Pen & Paper


Optional Equipment: 

-Quality Holster

-Drink & Snacks


Cost: 16 hours - $185 pre-paid

8 hours - $125 pre-paid


SPECIAL: Invite a friend(s) and you will receive $10 off everyone's class fees in your party!